Exciting day with three announcements!

  • Tomorrow we kick off Summer Season 2017 with update 2.6.
  • We're announcing our partnership with ESL to elevate our esports production for 2017 competitive
  • Last but not least, we're very excited to welcome top-notch esports team Rox to the competitive Vainglory scene! Rox has acquired Invincible Armada, the current Vainglory World Champions - and the team is now called Rox Armada. Their debut is this Friday...

Four Announcements Ahead of the Vainglory World Championships!

Four Announcements Ahead of the Vainglory World Championships!

Today, on the eve of the first-ever Vainglory World Championship, we are announcing four new exciting developments:

  1. The launch of the Vainglory Esports Franchise Program in 2017
  2. The launch of our 2.0 update and winter 2017 season on December 14
  3. The launch of our developer API
  4. A team composition tweak at Super Evil Megacorp

But first a look back for a little context.

The end of 2016 sees Vainglory in a fantastic position. Following the path forged by gaming on other platforms over the past decade, mobile gaming is in the middle of a shift from short session stand-alone gaming toward deep, shared experiences. Vainglory is at the forefront of that revolution, becoming the standard bearer for an emerging genre. 

In the past 12 months we’ve more than tripled our active player community on Android. Play on mobile phones in particular has exploded after our phone optimizations. We’re also on course to more than triple our esports views to 450 million minutes watched in 2016. We’re helping build a whole new culture of playing together on mobile. We’re excited about how much faster it is happening than the equivalent culture shift in PC gaming 10+ years ago. And that it’s happening on a massive scale on 3Bn+ touchscreens around the world.

Launching our Esports Franchise Program in 2017

At the start of 2016, Vainglory esports was a set of community volunteers organizing tournaments. At the end of 2016, it’s an international multi-tiered network of professional and community tournaments, teams and organizers. Competitive Vainglory is everywhere, from college leagues to amateur tournaments to the top-level Evil Eight competition featuring multi-esports organizations such as TSM, Cloud9, G2 Esports, Mousesports, SK Gaming, Team Secret and more.

For signs of the exceptional health of Vainglory’s esports scene, look no further than Team SoloMid. The successful professional team won both the 2016 Winter Live Championship and the 2016 Summer Live Championship. Now, this trio of full-time pro players has moved into a Las Vegas team house where they can further expand their regimen beyond their 8-10 hour/day practice schedule. Living and playing together allows them to maintain the “bootcamp” atmosphere that has been so successful for them in past domestic and international competitions. Their parents have been “remarkably supportive,” according to team captain FlashX, and this level of commitment — sure to be soon replicated by other top-flight organizations — shows how far the Vainglory professional scene has come in a remarkably short period of time. 

Moving into 2017, we’re excited to announce the next big step in our esports program: our Franchise Program for professional teams. The program deepens our partnership with the professional team and player community to build a healthy, growing competitive ecosystem. We’re looking to share the esports revenue they help to create as well as assist in digital and physical merchandise sales. Franchise holders will not automatically earn a spot in the top competition. They still need to qualify and perform like everyone else. But we expect the close collaboration to help level up esports across the board. The first eight franchise holders and more details will be announced in early 2017 ahead of the start of Spring season.

Vainglory Update 2.0 Drops on Dec 14 and Will be our Biggest Update Yet

Compared to a year ago, Vainglory is almost unrecognizable. Update 2.0 makes milestone improvements to Vainglory’s out-of-game, social and competitive experiences — addressing players’ most-requested features and adding new dimensions to the gameplay itself.

Update 2.0 introduces a revised hero overview screen and new education tools on roles and responsibilities in the game to help teach the game to new players. For veterans, there are multiple new items and revamped jungle objectives designed to further expand tactical choice and diversity, while deliberately creating more opportunities for epic comebacks from teams that falter early in a match.


New guild discovery and administration tools are expected to dramatically increase Vainglory’s social guild participation, helping friends play together all over the world.

To help players collect all skins and heroes more easily, we’re launching a brand new Mystery Chest containing literally everything a player could want, with a better than 1-in-3 chance of unlocking a random hero or skin from Vainglory’s entire content catalog. 

All this comes in one update, following a 2016 year where Vainglory added a deep tutorial, quests, practice vs bots, casual play modes, progression systems, direct-from-device video streaming, replays, doubled its hero roster and more.

Developer API Coming in 2017

In another move showing how the boundaries between PC and mobile gaming are blurring, we are announcing our Developer API that allows for access to player statistics, match results and in-depth item and hero metrics relevant to dedicated players, professional teams and third-party sites & providers alike. Launching in early 2017, the Vainglory Developer API will open up opportunities for players to contribute to the Vainglory experience in new and profound ways. Sign up to receive more information now at

Team Composition Tweak at Super Evil Megacorp

As we grow, we are evolving some team roles. Moving into 2017, founding CEO Bo “Nansen” Daly will take on a new post as President and Chief Business Officer, and current COO Kristian “EdTheShred” Segerstrale will step in as CEO. These shifts are designed to help the company deepen its partnerships around the world, as well as help the company grow faster across the board. Nansen remains a Koshka main and EdTheShred still struggles to hold onto his PoA status as a Roam main.

As ever, thanks to all our players for their support during an incredible year — and make sure you tune into the World Championship this weekend on And remember to check out the Update 2.0 releasing December 14, then teach your friends and family to play over the holidays. There’s never been a more exciting time to enter the Fold!


Welcome to Autumn Season 2016 - the Season for Playing Together!

Welcome to Autumn Season 2016 - the Season for Playing Together!

Autumn Season 2016 is here! We’re very excited to share details about recent developments and what’s coming in autumn. Over the last year, Vainglory has evolved into a vibrant esports title with a deep, active community. Our current focus is to make Vainglory fun to play with friends — no matter what your skill level or experience is, or what platform you play on...


Vainglory Live at E3: Samsung Partnership and Invitational Tournament Announced

Vainglory Live at E3: Samsung Partnership and Invitational Tournament Announced

This year, in partnership with Samsung, we’ll be hosting the Samsung Galaxy Vainglory Invitational, marking the first time that top professional teams from China (Hunters), Korea (Invincible Armada), North America (TSM) and Europe (G2 esports) share one stage in North America. The Invitational is part of a larger partnership with Samsung, as we work together to push device performance levels to their absolute limits. Samsung has chosen Vainglory as one of its featured games to showcase its new Vulkan technology.

Samsung’s new Vulkan graphics API is going to make Vainglory perform better for players on Samsung Galaxy S7 devices. This next generation technology provides...

Calling all College Players:  Collegiate StarLeague and Super Evil Join Forces for Vainglory!

Calling all College Players: Collegiate StarLeague and Super Evil Join Forces for Vainglory!

First-Ever Collegiate Vainglory Exhibition to be Held at PAX East

Nothing makes us happier than to see the Vainglory community go head-to-head in nail-biting competitions. From competing within our in-game seasonal structure to going pro, we want it to be possible for any Vainglory player to feel the thrill of the competition. For that reason, we’ve partnered with Collegiate StarLeague (CSL), the world’s first and largest collegiate gaming organization, to make it easier and more rewarding for players in college to play Vainglory.

To kick it all off, CSL’s first-ever Vainglory Exhibition will be taking place at PAX East and will feature teams from Boston University, UMass Amherst, UMass Lowell and Westfield State University. The schools will battle in a single elimination bracket on Sunday, April 24th, starting at 1:30pm on the Twitch Stage at PAX East, at the Boston Convention Center. Those who aren’t attending can watch live on

CSL is an amazing organization that has awarded more than $250,000 in scholarship money to collegiate champions and community figures in the last six years. We’re so happy to see Vainglory joining the ranks of a handful of massively popular games that CSL teams compete in, including League of Legends, Dota 2 and Hearthstone. Check out for more information, and stay tuned for more updates.

See you at PAX East!

Pro eSports Organization Team Solomid (TSM) Jumps into Vainglory,  Acquires Team Alliance

Pro eSports Organization Team Solomid (TSM) Jumps into Vainglory, Acquires Team Alliance

We’re excited to warmly welcome TSM to the competitive scene of Vainglory! 

Most eSports fans are familiar with the super-skilled TSM team, known for having appeared in the League of Legends World Championship every year since its inception in 2011. Now the world-renowned team is diving into Vainglory by acquiring Team Alliance. Alliance is one of the best Vainglory teams and the current reigning world champion. The team is the No.1 seed for the upcoming North America Winter Live Championship. 

Read our full press release:

Announcing: Team Secret joins Vainglory eSports, we celebrate the Lunar New Year with our new update, and we’ve partnered closely with Vaingloryleague.

Announcing: Team Secret joins Vainglory eSports, we celebrate the Lunar New Year with our new update, and we’ve partnered closely with Vaingloryleague.

Team Secret Joins Vainglory eSports; Update 1.14 Marks Lunar New Year Celebration

Thanks to you, Super Evil Megacorp had an incredible 2015. Vainglory grew faster than we ever expected to become the biggest mobile eSport in the world. The size of our audience reached more than 20M stream views last year, and our 2015 global prize pool was more than $350,000, which we expect to grow significantly in 2016. We’ve already seen 700+ competitive teams sign up for Winter Season 2016 official tournaments, which is a 100% increase from Autumn Season 2015. This season we’re going global and running official qualifier tournaments in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and South America. And, today we have five exciting announcements to make:  



Wrapping up the First Season of Vainglory

2015 was the year we worked on demonstrating the legitimacy and potential of Vainglory as an eSport. Our goal has always been to build a game worthy of competitive play, and we're thrilled that with the help of our community, we've emerged from 2015 as the largest mobile eSport. The past year's total prize pool was over $300,000 USD, going to winners from tournaments in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and Korea. We also launched our quarterly season structure, with the very first Autumn Season that...

Announcing 1M Unique Monthly Viewers, SK Gaming, NVidia and Amazon Appstore, Vainglory Most Downloaded App in China, and more!

Announcing 1M Unique Monthly Viewers, SK Gaming, NVidia and Amazon Appstore, Vainglory Most Downloaded App in China, and more!

Following from our one year iOS anniversary celebrations and our China launch announcement last week, we’re today announcing a set of eSports milestones that we’re excited about here at the Lair. We’re first and foremost building a game that’s fun to play for everyone at every skill level - but it’s also great to see the audience numbers and the competitive scene expand! Let’s take it from the top:

1. Vainglory had a Twitch Audience of over 1M Unique Viewers in the Month of September!

We always hoped we could make...

Vainglory 2015 Autumn Season launch!

Vainglory 2015 Autumn Season launch!

Get hyped for the Vainglory 2015 Autumn Season launch!

  • Update 1.9 kicks off our seasonal structure with the launch of Autumn 2015 in early October
  • We’ve added Guilds and Teams to the game, with offline event programs

  • Update 1.9 brings on a new hero, Phinn, limited-time seasonal skins a seasonal map skin and an entirely reworked Petal to the fold.

  • To celebrate Autumn 2015, we’re excited to give iOS players a free Celeste and new Android players a free Taka during the month of October...

Vainglory Now Available on the Amazon Appstore!

Vainglory Now Available on the Amazon Appstore!

We just announced on stage at the Tokyo Games Show that Vainglory is now available on the Amazon Appstore, and we couldn’t be more excited. Our vision with Vainglory is to bring true core game experiences to touch screens, and we want as many people as possible to be able to play Vainglory on the device of their choice. Players can now download Vainglory for free on their Amazon device or through the Amazon Appstore on Android devices. Vainglory now runs on any Fire HD, HDX or newer device, and a variety of Android devices. In addition to the Amazon Appstore, Vainglory is also free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Announcing the Vainglory International Premier League (IPL), our Partnership with Giant Interactive in China, and $26M Raised in Funding

Announcing the Vainglory International Premier League (IPL), our Partnership with Giant Interactive in China, and $26M Raised in Funding

We’ve had a busy July over at the Lair. We’ve been delighted to see the rapid growth of Vainglory — both in player numbers and viewer numbers. We were thrilled to see the first broadcasts from the Vainglory World Invitationals with OGN, and the awesome reception for our new spectator system. And we’ve been overwhelmed by the continued support and help from our players around the world.

Today, we’re announcing three major news items that all mark important steps forward on our journey of growing the global Vainglory community and Super Evil Megacorp as a company.

1. Announcing the Vainglory International Premier League

Following on from the overwhelming success of the Vainglory World Invitationals in Korea, we’re today announcing a strategic partnership with OGN around the Vainglory International Premier League (IPL) starting August 16. The Vainglory IPL will be an elite competition featuring the best teams in the world, including teams from Korea, Europe, North America and China competing for a $70,000 prize pool. Cast by superstar casters including Christopher “Montecristo” Mykles and Brendan Valdes, this first season will be a six-week league, broadcast twice a week live on prime-time TV in Korea and streamed to millions around the globe. Confirmed international teams include Team Unknown (EU), Team Gankstars (North America) and Team Hunters (China), who are all moving to Korea to take part in the inaugural Vainglory IPL season together with the top Korean teams. Broadcast times will be announced soon.

OGN invented eSports as we know it today with StarCraft more than 10 years ago. We’re thrilled that they’re once again breaking new ground by throwing their full weight behind Vainglory and touch-screen eSports. OGN brings the same passion and craftsmanship for the eSports experience as we do at Super Evil. We’re very fortunate to get to work with their unique talent to create a competition and a broadcast format that we can share with the whole global Vainglory audience. In addition to the Vainglory IPL, we will continue to support local community-run leagues, tournaments and events all over the world. And while waiting for the Vainglory IPL to start, remember to tune into the epic Vainglory World Invitational Final between Team Invincible Armada (Korea) and Team Divine Brothers (Japan) on Thursday, Aug. 13, at 11:30 PM PDT / 08:30 CET Friday on the following official OGN Twitch channels: 

2. Announcing our China partnership with Giant Interactive

Our Chinese player community has grown rapidly — despite the game not being available there yet and not having a dedicated server in China. (Sorry for the 250ms+ lag!) We are very excited to announce that we are soon launching Vainglory in China with our partner Giant Interactive. Giant is one of the most respected core PC gaming companies in China, and we will work with them closely over the coming months to optimize the experience for Vainglory players in China. Vainglory (虚荣 in China) will have synchronized updates with other regions and will launch in a major way on iOS and Android later this year. We can’t wait to welcome the most populous country in the world to the Halcyon Fold! 

3. Announcing the $26M round of investment into Super Evil Megacorp

We’re today also announcing a new $26M round of funding to help us continue to build incredible core gaming experiences on touch screens, and to pursue our dream of evolving Vainglory into what we hope will be the world’s first mass-market esport. While the $26M number is pretty cool, fundraising is actually mostly not about the money, contrary to what people think. Fundraising is about choosing amazing partners to help you grow as a company. We couldn’t be more excited about the new expanded international team around Super Evil.
In addition to our incredibly supportive existing investor team from Signia Ventures, General Catalyst, Raine Ventures, Initial Capital and CrossCut, this new round is led by Index Ventures (Supercell, Skype and others) and backed by Yuri Milner, Jim Breyer of Breyer Capital (early investor in Facebook and one of the most experienced American venture capitalists investing in China) and Korea Investment Partners (the largest and most highly regarded venture capital firm in Korea). Together, we now have a truly global team that gives us both the resources and the connections and expertise to grow our international reach to new heights.

Here’s what some of our new partners are saying:

“We have had phenomenal success previously backing excellent teams making innovative mobile and tablet games. SEMC clearly fulfill these criteria and are taking a bold and pioneering approach within the category. Index Ventures is delighted to have been chosen to support them on this journey.” — Ben Holmes, Index Ventures.

“Nine months ago, Vainglory was a bold experiment to perfect the MOBA genre for touch screens. Today it is emerging as a global competitive platform, with its own star athletes, a league broadcast on TV in Korea, and millions of players around the world playing the game for over an hour each day. Super Evil is proving that the future of esports is mobile, and that Vainglory is poised to become the next frontier." -- Adam Valkin, Managing Director at General Catalyst Partners

And finally - DOUBLE GLORY!!

We are still at the beginning of this journey, and our days are spent perfecting our upcoming updates instead of daydreaming about the future. But today is an important milestone not just for us but for touch screen eSports as a whole. And we’d all love to take the opportunity to extend a huge “thank you” to all the players, broadcasters and YouTubers for helping us get this far!

To celebrate and say thank you we're announcing TWO ADDITIONAL DOUBLE GLORY WEEKENDS - namely August 14-16 and August 21-23!

We can’t wait to show you all what we have planned and to keep working with all of you to  build out the Vainglory community, one match at a time.
GLHF all!

Kristian “EdTheShred” Segerstrale

Vainglory Commercial Launch set for July 2! Android Pre-registration Open!

Vainglory Commercial Launch set for July 2! Android Pre-registration Open!

With the 1.6 update we are finally launching Vainglory commercially, including support for more than 150 Android devices. The update will contain the long awaited ranked queue, new hero Rona the Berserker, a ton of fixes and - finally - Android support! And it will all be live on July 2!

Today we also open pre-registration for Vainglory on Android! Sign up before July 2nd and get Taka, the deadly assassin, for free! Make sure you also participate in our “This is how we Vainglory” Twitter campaign to win ICE and help unlock Double Glory weekends, or even a Triple Glory Weekend! 

Huge thanks to our players who have helped shape the game to date. To celebrate with you, we are hosting a 24hour global livestream at We will broadcast the launch live from the Twitch HQ, after which, Vainglory streamers from around the world will take over our channel; featuring streamers from Australia, Japan, South-Korea, Spain and so many more. The full program will be announced soon. 

We are proud to release our Community Trailer, which is made from videos you sent us from around the world. Thank you for telling us why you play Vainglory and being apart of this fantastic community.

Thank you again to all for all the support and love! It's a huge step for us. And still it's all just the beginning! Can't wait to tell you what we are working on next!

More information about Android pre-registration here:

See you in the Fold,